Dark Citadel Edit


Abrev: -DC-

Server: Ecplise

Faction: Imperial

Home: Lok - Mount Chaolt

Roleplay: Mixed

Leader: Don'te Strife

Council: Jeaser Strife, Raptorr Strife

The Brotherhood of Strife Edit

Dark Citadel, an Imperial Bounty Hunting guild, was once a Rebel alliance, known as The Brotherhood of Strife, based on Tatooine. The BOS, as it was called, thrived on commaradery and selflessness. It was led by Norro Strife, with a council comprised of Garxa, Don'te and Ba'ail (Zabraki brothers, taken in by the Strife family at a young age), and Zeratual; all of whom shared Norro's sir name. The guild was tiny, comprised of only the five brothers, and Brujo, a family friend. Each member specialized in a different trade, but all strove to be Norro's first Jedi apprentice. Although small, the clan was closer and stronger than many others, and humble in its abilities. After years of tranquility, turmoil and disorder finally struck BOS.

The Sons of Strife Edit

One day, seemingly without notice, Brujo left the Brotherhood. Such an event shocked the guild to the core. Down to five members, it was voted by Norro and council member Don'te Strife to relocate the guild, and rename it, "The Sons of Stirfe(SoS)." This decision was embraced by the other members, and after some time, the family returned to what it formally was.

Don'te found an old friend, Trix, a Twi'lek sniper and doctor, and promptly fell in love with her. Within a few months, they were married. All past qualms and quirrels between them were erased. The two lived happily together for four months before Don'te was drafted for a Rebel Alliance deep space mission. He departed with a heavy heart, and promised his wife that he would return. Three days before he was to return home, Don'te received a transmission from Trix. She and Norro had fallen in love, and were due to be married. True to his word, Don'te did return- to find his older brother engaged to his former lover. Thus began the fall of the Sons of Strife. Hopes of Don'te recovering were shattered when the two invited him to their wedding. He and Ba'ail, his closest brother, left the planet, and trained in the Jedi arts alone. The anger built up in Don'te with each passing day, and finally erupted when Ba'ail was slain in front of him by a Rebel officer. Donte had been pushed to the edge of insanity, and come back upon the shoulders of the Dark Side. SWG2

It is said by Don'te that his family left the galaxy, but no evidence of this has been found. Greedily, Don'te purged the SoS guild hall, and rebuilt it on Lok. With the help of his brother, Jeaser, whom he had been separated from as an infant, Don'te rebuilt the Strife Empire. Jeaser donned the name Strife, and the two began recruiting to their cause; giving the name Strife to anyone deserving of it.