Phalanx Player association is in the game since its release. They are the first player association to place a city in the game in the Bloodfin server.

The current Guild Leader is Bendu Makena.


The Phalanx has an international philosophy where members of all countries are welcome. They have Brazilians, Americans, Hungarians, Canadians and English members. The last census showed about 100 members where 40 are active and 60 inactive.


The Phalanx has a structure where 3 elders elected by open vote take control of the direction wich the PA will take and the olders elders take a place as counciler.


The Phalanx PA is rebel aligned and accept only rebel or neutral members.

To become a member, you must contact one of these:

Bendu -Seph- Mastter Gaaby Domini Utar Kattrina Branco Efraim CrucialThread Armaggedon Khronat Oofey Ana-Luiza Hoono Vayu


The Phalans PA is located in the planet naboo, on his own player city Phalanx. The closest non Player city is Kaadara.


They have a cloning center, medical center, shuttleport, mall, tents, gardens, bank, garage and a rebel base. They have mission, explore, artisan, entertainer and bounty hunter terminals close to their City hall.

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