Guild InformationEdit

We are an German Guild for neutral and rebel players. Each Profession and each Combat level are welcome! In our hometown Mos Patria on Tatooine (/way -2339 -6228) all will all find a nice place to life.

We offer to you the support it necessarily, their own teamspeak server for improve communication are naturally present as well as a very active Gildencommunity.

Join us and support us in the fight against the Imperium!

Guild Quick OverviewEdit

Gildenname:Service OF Rebels

Contraction: -SoR-

Leader: Laxaam & Qest

CoLeader: E'tre

Spaceleader: Ehati

Server: Farstar

Planet: Tatooine

City: Mos Patria - /way -2339 -6228 Mayor: Amphix


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