-Thyrsus Sun Guards Edit


-TSG (PA) The player association -Thyrsus Sun Guards(-TSG) in an Imperial Guild in the Starsider server. We transferred from the Tarquinas server during the free transfer in March 2009. Originally the Thyrsus Sun Guards were a diverse group of warriors dedicated to Sith ideology in the galaxy. The home world of Thyrsus was part of the old Sith Empire. They were the keepers of the echani fighting culture. When Lord Bane reformed the Sith into a power of two, the Sun Guards were one of several splinter Sith groups. Under the leadership of Darth Sidious these assassins/mercs were consolidated in the Thyrsus System. The Thyrsus Sun Guards were silently an active part in planning revenge against the Jedi Order. They were a fanatical cult of expert warriors who preserved and practiced the echani fighting tradition. They wore black light armor and small kama skirts, sometimes called kama spats. Their clothing was black ribbed leather (later worn by Darth Vader) and their helmets were the inspiration for the Senate Guards who later became Imperial Red Guards. They were fierce warriors known for lethal precision in hand to hand, covert and special operations. The last pre-GCW unit of Thyrsus Sun Guards directly advised, planned and executed Darth Sidious' plans for the Battle of Naboo. Carnor Jax's father was a Sun Guard. As such he may have participated in laying these plans. Nevertheless, the Sun Guards did inspire what would become the Royal Guard. Our guild follows in this history. We plan to have a mercenary/ military theme to our guild. We gladly work beside other Imperial guilds in Tarquinas in the GCW and on quests. The -TSG Guildhall headquarters is located on Dantooine in the city New Thyrsus. This guild was formed on December 5, 2006. We are currently recruiting new members. Our home city is New Thyrsus on Naboo. Every member carries the beginning rank Stellar Legionnaire. We will provide new members with a naboo/generic style small house if you do not already have one. Feel free to contact us. Long live the Empire!

Guild Leader Edit

War Council Edit

Executive Officer: Aayn Ruor

Helos Squadron Edit

Currently our space squadron Helos is divided into 3 smaller flight squads:

Dark Veil Squad led by Iillian
Rayner Squad led by Tibolt

These squads do frequent space missions and are available to assist a player in missions and grinding.

Offical guild symbol Edit

  • Sun

Offical guild color Edit

  • Black

Founding members Edit

  • Oheupo
  • Eecof
  • Bubuchewbakka
  • Nosissk
  • Inob
  • Geve
  • Velick
  • Zorzi
  • Zynxi
  • Nalyd

As of 1/13/09, the date of the Free Character Transfer, -TSG disbanded in order to relocate as Fugitives on the Starsider Server. Eecof, Imecc, Aayn, Netachie and Oheupo will look for any of members to join them there. Long Live -TSG.

We will Remember thee, Tarquinas

Sources Edit

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