Rogue Underworld is the ends of a collaborative effort of many guild's pursuit to master the Death Watch Bunker. Namely the guilds X, MG, IL, and TNT banded together under the new guild tag -X-

Guild Leader: Jaiir Nyock
Co-Guild Leader: Argyle
Co-Guild Leader: Rhy 
IL Representatives: Smarty Jones, Arif Khan
TNT Representative: R'aider

Other members Totenkopf, Dy'con, Tiedom, Floggersg, Belaya, Vaar, Jaax, Esharra, Chiana, Aevan, Xiin, Odin, MArrick, Baylor, Eced, Kaoan, Antijenius

Guild City: Tus'kens Bane (Tatooine), New Thebes(Tatooine)

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