Schematic Obtained In: Shipwright >> Spaceframe Engineering IV: Advanced Ship Design
Skill Needed to Use: Alliance Pilot >> Starfighters IV: Hyper-Maneuverable Starfighters
Item Type: Ship Components >> Ship Chassis (see Items)
Resources Required:

  • 24000 units of Steel
  • 8000 units of Steel
  • 8000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 8000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 8000 units of Inert Petrochemical
  • 8000 units of Aluminum
  • 8000 units of Iron
  • 8000 units of Fiberplast

  • Total: 32000 Steel, 16000 Low-Grade Ore, 8000 Inert Petrochemical, 8000 Aluminum, 8000 Iron, 8000 Fiberplast

Complexity: 39
Requires: Specialzed Starship Crafting Tool and Starship Crafting Station
XP Gained: XX Shipwright XP (normal) / YY Shipwright XP (practice)
Relevent Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Hitpoints:
    • Maximum Hitpoints:
      • Heat Resistance: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%
  • Experimental Mass:
    • Maximum Mass:
      • Malleability: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%

In game schematic description:
Alliance RZ-1 A-wing Starfighter
By far the fastest starfighter used in the Galactic Civil War, The compact A-wing is the Rebel Alliance's response to the Empire's growing number of TIE fighters and TIE variants. Because of its speed, the A-wing excels at hit-and-run missions, long-ranged patrols and reconnaissance, and surgical strikes against large starships. A stock A-wing's speed is provided by two powerful Novaldex J-77 "Event Horizon" engines. A combination of adjustable thrust-vector controls built into each engine and thruster-control jets located between the engine supply the vehicle's famed maneuverability. Unfortunately, the A-wing's control are notoriously sensitive and few pilots can handle the craft at top speed. The A-wing relies on its speed and agility in combat. Its armament is relatively weak, constisting of two wing-mounted blaster cannons. A-wings require constant mainenance, and the Alliance has found it extremely difficult to keep a squadron of A-wings operational for any length of time. Despite this, the A-wing is quickly becoming one of the galaxy's most prominent interceptor fighters.

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