Guild Name: ADD; A Dubious Doubt

Guild members: 20

Still Accepting members: Yeah... we kinda went "out of business" /cry.

Race: All

Faction: Rebel or Neutral

Proffession: Any

City: Kazhakstan on Dantooine, close to agro outpost. The town is horrible, cannot increase past village, but we live there i think.

This guild is relatively new and we need all the members we can get. If you wish to join, contact Neveon, Exodien, Kaan', Shoke, loveble, or Kydro, and we will get you in.

We are pretty much a guild who loves to just screw around on star wars galaxies, we are not too intense, and we usually just hang out, talk, and we just have fun on SWG. We are just a bunch of friends who love to the game. We are in great need of high level people, even though we most likely will not go to war for the time being, we just need all of the rep we can get.

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