Crafted AV-21 deed

Crafted AV-21 deed


AV-21 Landspeeder


Ready for a ride?

The AV-21 landspeeder is a rare and sleek vehicle. Its origin is unknown and assumed by the Empire to be a prototype for an Alliance fast attack vehicle.


  • Speed: Best
  • Acceleration: Best
  • Climb: Better
  • Turn: Good


  • Tradeable
  • Can be purchased from players and on Vendors
  • Carries 2 people
  • Health Points: 3,000
  • Mounted Vehicle Protection: Ranged chance to receive Glancing Blow modified by 60%
  • Player Protection: None
  • Can be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit
  • When disabled, can only be restored by using a Vehicle Restoration Kit


Av21 show

Source: Corellia Times Consumer Reports: Vehicles - Star Wars Galaxies website

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