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Level: 43

Reward: 23403 Quest XP

Remove Experiment Data Edit

You must delete the experiment data from five different terminals scattered across the bunker in various locations.

Head for the project manager's terminal at /way 132 -3547 first. After trying to slice it you find it is encrypted and you need to obtain the password. Head back into the hall and find 6-POC at /way 116 -3515 in a room on the right side. Talk to him to obtain the password and go back and finish slicing it. The rest of the terminals are on the lower level.

Easter Egg: When 6-POC finally accepts to help you, you tell him "You served your master well",
a reference to the famous reply from Luke Skywalker to Bib Fortuna in Jabba's Palace (Episode VI).

The next terminal is the biochemist's terminal (/way 74 -3482). After the first slice, you find it needs to be repaired, so head back into the previous room and pick up the electronics toolkit (/way 29 -3532) and head back to finish slicing the terminal. After finally slicing the terminal, you get an update on where the virus is for Find the Source. It's pretty vague, so just continue on with the terminals for now.

Grab the lead scientist's terminal (35 -3531) outside near the toolkit then head for the elevator down to the next level (/way 68 -3560).

Next terminal is the behavioral researcher's terminal (/way -6 -3570). Grab it then head on down to the last one, the genetic engineer's terminal (/way 13 -3558).

Waypoints Reference:

/way purple 132 -3547 Floor 1 Project Manager's Terminal;
/way purple 116 -3515 Floor 1 6-POC;
/way orange 74 -3482 Floor 2 Biochemist's Terminal;
/way orange 29 -3532 Floor 2 Tool Kit;
/way orange 35 -3531 Floor 2 Lead Scientist's Terminal;
/way white 68 -3560 Floor 2 Elevator to 3;
/way green -6 -3570 Floor 3 Behavioral Researcher's Terminal;
/way green 13 -3558 Floor 3 Genetic Engineer's Terminal;

and again

/way talus 132 -3547 Floor 1 Project Manager's Terminal;
/way talus 74 -3482 Floor 2 Biochemist's Terminal;

Chronicle Relic Drops: Yes

After removing the data, the next task is to eliminate the Arachne Brood in the Lab.

Following Quest: Plea for Pity >>

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