Crate of any existing resource (30k)

A 6 Month Player Reward, One Per Account Lifetime and tradeable.

With this reward, it is possible to create 30,000 units of any type of resource that has been on your server. It shows almost all resource classes, and of these classes it shows all historical resources and the current resources of the day. Every time a new resource spawns, it is added to the end of the list.

Normally new resources are read bottomost of the list of resources, rarely it is read topmost for that playing session.

This is the most valuable reward item available at 6months and probably more valuable than anything until the 18 or 24 month rewards as well. It is highly desirable by many crafters and can be sold on the trade forums for usually 10-20 million credits (varies per server). It's use should be reserved for obtaining server best resources - there's no reason to settle for second best if you have this.

In order to find the resource that you want, you can browse through the enormous, but yet not 100% complete database of Find Resource, then you can click on the attribute, i.e. oq, sr, to sort by that attribute)

It can eventually be used as a "sampling device" since you can read the stats of all current resources at this galaxy-wide "device".

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