This quest is one of the Fate of the Galaxy pre-quests.

Recommended combat levels: 70 and higher

Begin this quest by talking to the Mining Corporation Executive in the Mensix Mining Facility.

Mustafarian Miner Hologram

Mining Corporation ExecutiveEdit

  • Talk to the Mining Corporation Executive (/way mustafar 307 -1222) in the Mensix Mining Facility. He will describe a problem with a union strike, and ask you to help out. He says he needs you to go to the site and rip out the wires to their power generator and then steal the power core. He gives you a waypoint to the Striking Miner's Camp about 4000m in the Northwest region of the map (/way mustafar -2387 1515).

The ChoiceEdit

  • Arriving at the Mining Camp you will have opportunity to talk with the Miners and tell them why you are here... Telling them the truth or not.

This choice will lead you to serve either the Miners or the Executives and will determine which Hologram you will receive as reward.

The Deed ItselfEdit

The Executive sideEdit

  • When you arrive, you will find the Miners are passive, and will let you walk up to the power generator without trouble.
  • Clicking on the power generator will bring up a radial menu with the option of ripping out the wires. Doing so will aggro the whole camp, comprised of mostly CL 67 to 72 NPCs.
  • Clicking on the power generator a second time, the radial menu will list the option of taking the power core. If you do this before the NPCs respawn, then you don't need to fight them again.
  • You are given a message to return to Mining Corporation Executive. Do so to receive your reward, and a thanks from the executive.
  • Reward:
  • 20,000 credits
  • 110,006 Quest XP
  • a hologram of an Executive.

NPC Note:
The miners will deathblow, but on Mustafar, that's just a free and fast trip back to where you need to go anyway.

NOTE: while you are there you may choose to instead help the miners. Either way, you may only choose to help one side or the other and will receive the appropriate hologram reward.

The Miners SideEdit

  • Talk to the miner strike leader (/way mustafar -2387 1508) next to the power generator and he will explain his side of the problem of the corrupt executive, take his side and he gives you a disk to upload into the computer back at the mining facility.
  • Upload the disk into the Mining Network Terminal (/way mustafar 371 -1215). You will then be attacked by three corrupt guards CL76 after about a 20 second wait.
  • Return to the miner strike leader.
  • Reward:
  • 20,000 Credits
  • 110,006 Quest XP
  • a hologram of a Miner.
Miner Hologram

Reward for A Moral Choice, Option Miners side

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