Track Info Edit

During the last decades of the Old Republic podraces were run on this track. The series was formed and controlled by the Hutts many years ago. Following the decline of podracing's popularity, this track was more or less abandoned by the Hutts. It was eventually taken over by a small band of swoop racers, who used it to stage a regular series of semi-legitimate races.

Guide Edit

The Aartan Race Track, also known as the Old Mos Espa Track (though it is closer from Mos Entha than Mos Espa), is one of the Swoop Race Tracks available in Star Wars Galaxies.

Starting Location: Tatooine - North from Mos Entha - Waypoint (2380, 5000)

Track map

  • Leg 1: Start - Waldo Flats
  • Leg 2: Waldo Flats - Waldo Grade
  • Leg 3: Waldo Grade - Mushroom Mesa
  • Leg 4: Mushroom Mesa - Ebe Crater Valley
  • Leg 5: Ebe Crater Valley - The Notch
  • Leg 6: The Notch - Diablo Cut
  • Leg 7: Diablo Cut - Beggar's Canyon
  • Leg 8: Beggar's Canyon - Desert Plain
  • Leg 9: Desert Plain - Arch Canyon
  • Leg 10: Arch Canyon - The Whip
  • Leg 11: The Whip - Jag Crag Gorge
  • Leg 12: Jag Crag Gorge - Canyon Dune Turn
  • Leg 13: Canyon Dune Turn - Jett's Chute
  • Leg 14: Jett's Chute - Devil's Doorknob
  • Leg 15: Devil's Doorknob - Hutt Flats
  • Leg 16: Hutt Flats - Finish Line
  • Because this area is open to spawns, stay away from "pre spawned" camps. If you see a camp site with flat ground around it, don't ride into it. A wall might pop up out of nowhere.
  • The race track has more then a few places that people could have placed homes. By doing a test drive around the track first, you can take note where homes are placed so you will know where to swerve in the real race.

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