Structure traders can now craft an "Access Lock" that allows you to lock containers.

Once applied to a container, the Access Lock allows you add and remove users/guilds to the containers access list. Locked containers can only be accessed by users or guilds on the container's access list. Locked containers placed in another Player's house can be picked up by that house's owner, regardless of if they are on the container access list or not. The house owner, however, cannot open or take items/put items into the container if they are not on the container access list.


  • Drop a pack/container (Any types) into a home (Ground building) you OWN, not be admin to.
  • Place the Access Lock onto your toolbar, place the reticle over the container/pack and press the Corresponding button for your toolbar to use the access Lock.
  • Place the container/pack in any building or PoB you are admin to and you can add players/guilds to it to let them access it.
Access lock


Structure Trader

  • Requires 200 unit of Aluminium
  • Requires 3 identical Electronics Memory Module from factory crate (Engineering Trader)
  • Requires 2 identical Electronics GP Module from factory crate (Engineering Trader)
  • Complexity 20

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