an Acklay

Quest OverviewEdit

Reward: Acklay armor part and 6248 XP (per part)

Borvo the Hutt has started breeding special creatures to make a new type of armour for his troops.

Killing the Acklay in Borvo's Vault near Moenia will sometimes cause it to drop an Acklay Carapace.

/way naboo 4318 -4781 Borvo's Vault
/way naboo 4210 -4615 Borvo's Vault - Acklay

Examining the Item will start this quest. You must talk to the Borvo Guard outside the vault, who sends you to a man in Kaadara named Dakk.


Dakk 01

Dakk is an armorsmith who will propose to make you an Acklay Armor part if you bring him the required components. He will then craft you parts of Acklay armor.

You will need to loot 6 carapaces to make a full set.

Each part requires one piece of Acklay Carapace and doing the quest for the components. You will have to inspect each carapace to activate a quest for each part of the armor.

  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Boots and Gloves [decorative only, no armor stats for either piece]
  • Both Bracers
  • Both Biceps

You may collect the different components in any order.

Giant Peko pekoEdit

Head to the given location (waypoint -4450 -3450) and hunt those creatures until you successfully loot 10 Peko peko feathers, then just go to the next location. 5 feathers for smaller objects and 12 for bigger objects

Mountain Tusk CatsEdit

Waypoint is -3510 -1920 Kill some of these to collect the 15 (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the armor piece being sought) required components and proceed.

Feral ShaupautsEdit

Same thing here just go to the given waypoint (4700 -2280) kill some of them until you have collected 10 Hides.

Back to DakkEdit

Once you have finished your hunt you can talk to Dakk and ask him to craft an acklay armor part for you. Get your reward and proceed to another Armor part if you like.


It cannot be equipped by either Wookiees or Ithorians. This Quest can be completed only once after you have made a complete set.

You can save time by collecting all 6 acklay carapaces in one trip to the vault. The acklay respawns about every ten minutes, and will not always drop the carapace. The drop rate is about a 25-50%.Some times it drops more than 1 carapace.

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