Acolyte Robe is a type of jedi robe.

Required profession: Jedi
Required level to equip: 40
Tradeable: No
Bio-link: No
Force Protection Intensity: Weak
Skill Mods:


  • Kinetic 3000
  • Energy 3000
  • Heat: 3000
  • Cold: 3000
  • Acid: 3000
  • Electricity: 3000

2 Piece Bonus:

Looted from:

  • Note #1: these robes appear in both colors (despite only being shown as dark in the picture above)
    • Note #2: All species, including Wookiees and Ithorians can wear this type of robe. For Ithorians, the appearance of the robe's pants are altered slightly. No boots are shown as part of the "outfit"...stats are unaffected.

-The Tatooine listings are actually global GCW spawned NPCs who are Cl 50 elites. These can be found mainly on Tatooine and on both Corellia and Naboo cities where such NPCs spawn:

Corellia- Coronet, Kor Vella, Venri Island (Always Rebel), Tyrena Naboo- Keren, Kaadara, Theed, Moenia (Always Rebel), Deja Peak (Awaiting Confirmation; Always Imperial) Tatooine- Mos Eisley, Mos Taike, Anchorhead (Always Rebel) and Bestine (Always Imperial)

      • Note #3: These have a fairly decent spawn rate on the Etyyy Trail - Sordaan's wagers.

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