Force Sensitive Expertise

  • Force Sensitive Expertise I - Levels 46-49
    Using proper fighting stances can make a big difference in combat effectiveness. By elaborating on the Shii-cho fighting style, the Force sensitive adept can dodge and parry attacks more easily.
  • Force Sensitive Expertise II - Levels 50-53
    It is necessary for the Force sensitive adept to learn to use the Force to stun or otherwise inhibit a foe. Tactics such as this can frequently be used to gain the upper hand in combat.
  • Force Sensitive Expertise III - Levels 54-57
    The Force sensitive adept will learn more of the attack techniques of the Ataru fighting style, learning how to strike with strength and agility.
  • Force Sensitive Expertise IV - Levels 58-61
    The Force sensitive adept must understand how the Living Force affects all creatures, and should meditate on this and other important philosophies regularly.
  • Force Sensitive Expertise V - Levels 62-65
    The Force sensitive adept becomes more proficient at using the Force to overwhelm a foe in combat.
  • Force Sensitive Expertise VI - Levels 66-69
    It is required that the Force sensitive adept master the Makashi fighting style before proceeding with further studies. This allows the adept to make quick, fluid strikes to vulnerabilities left open be an enemy.

After passing the sixth lesson and 69th level, the Adept may then work towards the Sword Master rank.

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