Aliases - Usage Edit

/alias alias [<key> [<values...>]] : Set or show an alias. Allows the creation of custom command or string of commands.

The /alias by itself will list all of your currently defined aliases.

Using the /save command will save your aliases to a file (default: aliases.txt) in your main SWG program folder.

Using the /load command will load your aliases from a file (default: aliases.txt) from your main SWG program folder.

Alias Examples - House Management Edit

/alias ss: /structurestatus

A quick way to check status on a house, harvester or factory by just typing /ss.

Alias Examples - Harvesters Edit

/alias nmharvester: /name \#FFFF33My Harvester

Use an alias to easily name all of your harvesters or factories uniformly, including custom colors - in this case I chose yellow. Target the intended structure when using /nmharvester.

/alias 1week: /pay 10080; /addp 8400

Adds one week's worth of maintenance and power to a medium harvester by targeting it and typing /1week. You can use same idea for small or heavy, just change the numbers.

Alias Examples - Communications Edit

  • /alias wu: /say whats up? then type /wu
  • /alias vic: /shout Victory is ours, The force is with us, always.
  • /alias gore: /emote wipes the gore from his sword

then just type /vic or /gore This can save much time and has LIMITLESS possibilities

NOTE:/tells do not seem to work in aliases for some reason

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