The Alliance Needler Carbine is one of the few Carbines that use Kinetic damage, it is a mid-level carbine that can be obtained in The Clone Relics: Working For Boba Fett, it can also be crafted and looted. Although the Alliance Needler Carbine is usually below-average to average in stats, it can become a very efficant weapon when built with high quality components.


(Taken from a lower quality Alliance Needler Carbine, performance can be alot better than this)

  • Level Required: 30
  • Skill Required: Novice Carbineer
  • Condition: 2975


  • Base Type: Kinetic
  • Attack Speed: 2.2
  • Damage: 246-493
  • Accuracy Bonus: 0
  • Wound: 1.3%
  • Estimated Base DPS: 164/Sec

Other Stats:

  • Range: 0-50m
  • Special Attack Cost: 92

Item Description:

An Alliance Needler Carbine

How to obtain:


Alliance needler

Alliance Needler Carbine

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