Captain Klork

Level: 80+
Prerequisites: You must have completed Turning the Tables (Rebel) at least once.

Start: Talk to Captain Klork (/wp 4792, 5761)
Repeatable: Yes

Objective: You need to steal 3 crates from an Imperial convoy. The convoy 'may' spawn around this location: (/wp 5487, 5657). Kill the three Imperial Supply Specialist to get these crates, be warned however they are being protected by 6 Stormtroopers


  • Try to strike them from sides, making it easier to target the Supply Specialists.
  • AoE(Area of Effect) damage would work nicely here, considering they are all bunched up.


The Imperial Army is moving research material that they have collected from the rubble of Restuss to their base. The Alliance wants you to ambush the convoy and steal the research material.

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