Alduq Besene of Mos Eisley on Tatooine is looking for artisans who can work for his employer and he is willing to pay you to create a series of tools as a test of your crafting abilities. As a new character, you were probably sent to him by Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt as part of the Mos Eisley starter quest, one of a sequence of new character quests.

You must be a novice artisan to finish this quest and have a Generic Crafting Tool or Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Tool. As a new character, you have the novice skill and will find a generic crafting tool in your inventory. You will also need 167 units of metal and, fortunately, you also have a Mineral Survey Device, so head on out (as you were taught by Trehla Keelo) and find that metal.

Using your crafting tool, you must now make the following survey tools:

Return to Alduq and collect 2000 credits for a job well done (oh, and you get to keep the tools). If you ask about who his employer is, you may learn something of interest to the mayor.

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