Captain Voldez

Captain Voldez (4780, 5768) needs someone to take down the Imperial antennas in Restuss.

Level: 80
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes

Getting the quest from Captain VoldezEdit

There are two ways to get this quest from Captain Voldez:
1) If you have not taken a quest from Captain Voldez before, this will be the first misson she gives you.
2) If you have done this quest before, when you speak to Captain Voldez, chose the option that says, "Not really up my alley, sir. Anything else I can do?"

Restuss antenna



The Imperial army has places antennae around Restuss, to coordinate their troops and spy on the Alliance. Your orders are to destroy one of these anntennae.

Blow up an antennaEdit

There are a total of 4 Imperial antennae in Restuss. You can find them at these waypoints (5476, 5778) ; (5462, 5638) ; (5355, 5555) ; (5384, 5854). You only need to blow up one. In fact, you don't even have to be the one that makes the "killing blow". As long as you are able to attack the antenna a few times before it blows up, you should get credit.

Return to Captain VoldezEdit

Once the antenna is destroyed, just return to Captain Voldez to complete the quest. But, as always, be careful because you may be ambushed by Imperial players on the way back.

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