Arkon's Havoc Squadron is one of three squadrons that Alliance Starfighter Pilots can join. The squadron is led by Warvog Arkon, a veteran Twi'lek pilot who has served the Rebellion for some time. Arkon's squadron is one of the easiest to master, and is recommended for first-time pilots or those looking to largely solo the profession.

Squadron Trainers Edit

Tier 1: Captain Kreezo, Tyrena, Corellia (/waypoint -5177 -2281)
Tier 2: Lady Viopa, Nym's Stronghold, Lok (473, 4778)
Tier 3: Lt. Colonel Aqzow, Labor Outpost, Yavin IV (-6888, -5664)
Tier 4: Warvog Arkon, Nym's Stronghold, Lok (406, 5090)
Tier 5: Admiral Wilhelm Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia (3083, 5202)