This is the second of two quests you must take to earn the Ceremonial Chair.

To be able to start this quests, you must first have finished the A Possessed Soul quest.

Speak to Athnalu (-185, -117) to start this quest.

Level: 36


Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher

Conversation with AthnaluEdit

Athnalu: (Athnalu looks at you blankly.) Like threaded knives, I can feel them scrape at my soul. They use little dolls to control me.. control my soul, my mind and fill it with little voices. Little dolls and little voices. Do the dolls speak to me? Will you help me fix my soul? Will you?!
PC: What will you have me do?
Athnalu: I need to wash my soul. And I need certain things to help me make the voices go away. I need snake eyes to find the illness in my mind, mouf hair to capture it so it can't get away and a Mysees Flower to make it all better again. Will you help me? Please... (Athnalu looks at you, pleading with her eyes.)
PC: Yes, I will gather these things for you.
Athnalu: Find them. Help me take the voices away.


After having studied the Sayormi Voodoo Dolls, Athnalu has asked you to find certain ingredients to 'cure' her from her illness. She requires 2 Snake Eyes, 2 pieces of Mouf hair and a Mysess Blossom. All the ingredients can be found in the Kkowir Forest.

Collect Mouf hairEdit

Moufs are all around the Kkowir Forest, just kill them until you find 2 hairs.

Collect Snake eyesEdit

To get the snake eyes, you must kill Venomstings. You can find these just north of the village in and around the water.

Collect Mysess BlossomEdit

This is the easiest item to gather. There are Mysess Blossoms all over the village.


A Ceremonial Chair

Return to AthnaluEdit

Athnalu: Do you... (Athnalu looks up at you.) Do you have the things that will fix me...the things that will free me from this prison? Please.. Please tell me you do!
PC: I do. Here you are. I hope they help.
Athnalu: (Athnalu gathers them quickly from you.) Stay here while I mix these...

Even though you don't have to, just talk to Athnalu one more time.

Athnalu: (Athnalu smiles at you.) They've released me from their grasp.. I am free. Thank you. Thank you for saving me.

Athanalu will give you an Ceremonial Chair as Reward. It is part two of three from the "Nyenthi'Oris' Gifts" Furniture Set.

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