Broken Allegiance truly is broken, no one is active, most have left.

Broken Allegiance Edit

Hello and welcome! We are BA, Broken Allegiance, of the Gorath galaxy. We are based on Dantooine in Diadem City, and are always willing to expand. We are a Rebel guild... Well mostly, as Zitrati Darkcloud (the one writing this page) is an Imperial, just to see what it's like. There is also one more but he's hardly on so I forgot who it was. If your Rebel or Neutral, you are welcome, no doubts about it. If you happen to be Imperial, you might want to talk to the guild leader, Robberto, about joining. Even though there are two Imperials, and others may join, do not be discouraged! The Imperial members are on the Rebel members side, I promise.

Current Recruiters Edit

These are the people you'll want to contact to join the Broken Allegiance:

  • Robberto (also the leader)
  • Technomages
  • Ashenloc Ordo
  • Bransynn Starrfire

These are the only recruiters that appear to be on frequently (unsure about Technomages, but must be, former member Goshnodo left because of a fight they had)

Oddities (Why is this here?) Edit

  • As to date, Zitrati is the only member to not live in the same city as the rest of the guild, and further more, he doesn't even live on the same planet. His residence is located on Tatooine somewhere in between Wayfar and Kantara City, in a very secluded location, with only one or two houses around. House died in tragic accident, swoop ran into the house, exploding and destroying most of it. The remains of the house got scrapped. Zitrati is sad.
  • Hardly any of the recruiters are even on a lot, so joining may be hard until one of the more frequently online players are made into recruiters.
  • Why, I say, there appears to be a lot of (old, inactive)jedi in this guild!
  • Too many elections ending in 10 minutes, with Robberto staying leader. Can get very annoying.

ZitratiDarkcloud 01:20, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

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