Black Hawks

PA Abbreviation: BH

Guild Leader: Articus Doomsbane

Location: Mos Lyria, about 2 km south west of Anchorhead

Members: 160+ on the terminal, about 15 or so active players

Accepting new members: Yes

More Info: Arguably one of the oldest guilds on the server, dating back to at least January 2004. The guild is a smallish mostly social guild, but still try to do regular guild runs of Quests/Instances, and various guild members are also involved in Space and PvP (ground or otherwise). Potential members must be either Rebel or Neutral, and should have a good sense of humour and laid back attitude.

In-game contacts for joining: Faben, Xande, Elvania and Articus

Funny Fact: There is another guild on the Intrepid server called Black Hawks, we aren't connected

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