Black Rebel Speederbike Club Edit

Overview Edit

Black Rebel Speederbike Club is a player association recently added to Infinity and was established in order to offer help and advice to players new to SWG. As the name suggests, BRSC is aligned with the Rebel Alliance (although it does have a small number of neutral members) and the core ethic of BRSC is to fight galactic tyranny and repression where ever possible. Players will find that BRSC is a friendly and helpful PA and has a lot to offer to new members.

History Edit

Following the dissolution of the Legion of Deruun, Aradan Tel'Rana and Ajeno found themselves without a home. It soon became their intention to establish a guild of their own. This guild was to be aimed at new players, in order that its members might avoid a lot of the pitfalls and frustrations that Aradan and Ajeno had experienced. As a result, Black Rebel Speederbike Club was established by Aradan and Ajeno in Sept 2005. It continues to grow with both combatants and crafters, and now has around 20 members with a diversity of skills to share.

Details Edit

PA Abbreviation: BRSC

Mission Statement: To give a help and assistance to players new to the game.

Number of members: 20+ (always growing)

Location: Bantha Plains

Accepting new members: Always

Requirements to be considered for membership: Players must be Rebel or neutral. We also ask that our members display a mature attitude towards the game, are cooperative, polite and friendly and do all they can to help their fellow Black Rebels.

Contact Aradan, Ajeno, Hyb, or Devries in game for more information.

Please note: Due to name restrictions, BRSC is known as Black Rogue Speeder Club in game.

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