Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Fundamentals I
Type: area heal
Command: /bactaspray
Effect: Heals all friendly targets within a small distance of the Medic, including the user. Healing Efficiency increases the base effectiveness of the heal. Activating the ability causes you to stop walking/running for the duration of the toss effect.
Action Cost Modifier: ?%
Cool Down Timer: 15 seconds

Mark 1Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Fundamentals I

Heals 300 HP

Mark 2Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Fundamentals IV

Heals 600 HP

Mark 3Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Essentials III

Heals 1500 HP

Mark 4Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Expertise IV

Heals 2800 HP

Mark 5Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Medic Mastery III

Heals 3500 HP

Mark 6Edit

Obtained in: Medic >> Master Medic

Heals 300 HP

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