Box archive This article relates to an element of Star Wars Galaxies prior to the New Game Enhancements. It is no longer accurate and remains for historical purposes only.

Schematic Obtained In: Bio-Engineer >> Clone Engineering III
Skill Needed to Use: Creature Handler >> Branch #: Skill Name
Item Type: Category >> Type (see Items)
Resources Required:

  • 55 units of Creature Food
  • 75 units of Flora Food
  • Total: 55 creature Food, 75 Flora Food

Complexity: X
Requires: Some Kind of Crafting Tool
XP Gained: XX Some Kind XP (normal)
Relevant Experimental Properties: none if no properties

  • Category:
    • Resource Property: XX%
    • Resource Property: YY%
  • Category:
    • Resource Property: XX%
    • Resource Property: YY%

Notes: Seen in Episode 4: A New Hope and Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. Used as mounts by the sand people. When grown, can be trained by a Creature Handler to be a mount.

Produces a Bantha pet deed.

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