The Bladeborn Edit


Bladeborn is a Sith RolePlay guild, founded and led by Saevio, in Star Wars Galaxies on the Starsider galaxy. The guild itself is based on an offshoot Sith organization from the Star Wars Extended Universe canon, however they've added their own twist to it. Bladeborn works to bring about a second coming of the Golden Age of the Sith to the galaxy and reform the broken and lost Sith Order to what it once was, nearly 6,000 years ago.


The Bladeborn values quality over quantity, they seek out and accept only the best when it comes to members of their guild. Roleplay is a must to even be considered for membership in The Bladeborn, as they are a RolePlaying guild. Most of their members participate in other fields of gameplay as well, including PvP and PvE, but they are, and always will be, a RolePlaying guild first and foremost. While they are not "elitist", they do consider themselves to be somewhat exclusive in that they don't randomly accept members off the street, so to speak. If you are interested in joining The Bladeborn, there is no "OOC application process", the only way to earn membership is through active RolePlay with their members in-game.

Bladeborn from the EU

The Bladeborn was the name of an offshoot organization from the Sith, dedicated to sword mastery. Members were ranked by how many lightsaber-wielding opponents they had defeated in battle. A Bladeborn who had defeated ten such opponents was called a 'Masterblade', and rewarded with a special cortosis-laced Sith Tremor Sword.

Members of The Bladeborn Edit

Ahmad (Darth Adas)

Saevio (Darth Atrox)

Azrakiel (Darth Myrmidion)


Ivof Dascyyr

Akivasha Aniis


Dordrius Delare


Sean Treyfield




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