Obtained in: Imperial Pilot >> Special Forces
Type: NPC assistance
Command: /bstrike1
Effect: Although not in command of a strike force themselves, pilots can, from time to time, call for assistance on standard Imperial command frequencies. If local non-assigned strike assets are available, they will be routed to the pilot's locale where they will engage the requested target. Once the target is destroyed, or extreme casualties have been suffered by the strike package or its escort, the vessels will leave the area. A skilled pilot will be able to convince the local kill-zone Controller into giving him higher quality assets in the package, increasing their chance for success and survival.

To run the Bomber Strike, select a target, and type /bstrike1. If it's something you could attack and a skill check is passed, a strike package will arrive and engage the target squad. Once the target, the strike package, or the strike package's escort is destroyed, the remnants of the strike package will leave the area. The success level of the pilot's skill check will affect the types of ships in the strike package.

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