There are six total lessons over 21 total levels for the rank of Bounty Hunter:

  • Bounty Hunter Mastery I -- Levels 70-73
    Bounty hunters learn to become proficient at fighting while wearing armor in order to protect them from dangerous targets, but still remaining effective. Training in the use of different, more dangerous deadly traps is common also.
  • Bounty Hunter Mastery II -- Levels 74-77
    As more contracts of these types come in, bounty hunters continue to train in combat techniques that are effective against multiple targets.
  • Bounty Hunter Mastery III -- Levels 78-81
    At this point in the bounty hunter's career, he or she has been trained to be as lethal as possible with the weapon of his or her choice.
  • Bounty Hunter Mastery IV -- Levels 82-85
    Many bounty hunters learn to compliment their first aid skills with medicines and chemical enhancements, allowing them to recover from serious injury more easily.
  • Bounty Hunter Mastery V -- Levels 86-89
    The bounty hunter now is able to snare a fleeing target using and deploying the most effective kinds of traps.
  • Master Bounty Hunter -- Level 90
    At the pinnacle of his or her career, the bounty hunter is proficient with all types of hunting equipment, including the most dangerous types of lethal traps.

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