Bria is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment.

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

A Starmite-class freighter Han Solo named Bria (after Bria Tharen) was the first ship he and Chewbacca ever used on their own. It was leased from Lando Calrissian. The ship saw duty during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, and Solo used it to deliver the Hutts' bribe to Admiral Greelanx shortly after the battle. When Han was discovered by Tedris Bjalin and blamed for the death of Greelanx, Han and Chewie were forced to make a quick escape. They were caught by the Imperial ships and fired upon, but managed to escape in a life pod before the Bria was destroyed in a hail of turbolaser fire.

Additional Information Edit

The Star Wars Galaxies Server originally used as the server during Beta Testing. One of the most populated servers.

Due to civil discourse and extremely excessive credit duping, it has been labelled by many outsiders as the "Sink-hole" of the entire game. Brians are reminded constantly of their actions not just by Bloodfin, but Ahazi, Corbantis, Chilastra, Gorath, Intrepid, Valcyn, Wanderhome, Kauri, and Lowca on a near daily basis.

As one resident from another galaxy once said, "We might be home to the most credit dupers in the game, but we are still better than Bria".

"Bria: RP free since '03" has been a phrase recently coined on the Bria Galactic forums, and has been parroted ever since. Brians are known for attempting to make Role Players feel very uncomfortable and out of place with insults such as "gay" or "nerd", with the goal of preserving Bria's strong PvP history and heritage. The continued existence of roleplaying guilds confuse and infuriate the Bria forum dwellers. This often raises the question of why anyone would play a game based on Star Wars if they did not plan on roleplaying themselves, or at least expect to see other people taking part in it.

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