Previous Quest: Report to Sergeant Brunser


  • 10740 Quest XP
  • 9413 credits
  • Inertial Fluctuator Kit (agility buff)
  • High Power Barrel (ranged buff)
  • Badge: RSF Master Sergeant

Recommended combat levels: 25 and higher

Sergent Harriet Brunser

Assault the Mummer BunkerEdit

The begining NPC for this quest in the Theed Spaceport on Naboo Sergeant Hariet Brunser /way -4780 13 4188 You are to head to the Mummer Bunker

/way -4526 3650 Mummer Bunker

and kill the following:

  • 9 Mummer Salvers (CL26)
  • 10 Mummer Banes (CL25)
  • 11 Mummer Toxers (CL24)

Neutralize the Bio-Chemical BombsEdit

Deactivate the 9 Biochemical bombs:

/way naboo -4536 3696 Bio-chemical Bomb 1;
/way naboo -4451 3722 Bio-chemical Bomb 2;
/way naboo -4472 3684 Bio-chemical Bomb 3;
/way naboo -4485 3627 Bio-chemical Bomb 4;
/way naboo -4548 3641 Bio-chemical Bomb 5;
/way naboo -4520 3703 Bio-chemical Bomb 6;
/way naboo -4588 3640 Bio-chemical Bomb 7;
/way naboo -4582 3706 Bio-chemical Bomb 8;
/way naboo -4584 3679 Bio-chemical Bomb 9;

Defeat Crimsol VaighnEdit

Once you have deactivated them all, you have to go after the Mummer Leaders.

The Mummer Chief Scientist Crimson Vaighn (CL27) at

/way -4497 3764 Crimson Vaign

Defeat Jaye HawksonEdit

Next, you need to kill Mummer Commander Jaye Hawkson (CL28)

/way -4544 3743 Jaye Hawkson

Report Back to Sergeant BrunserEdit

Once he is dead, return to Sergeant Brunser at the Theed Hangar bay. She will send you back to Pooja Naberrie at Theed Palace.

Return to Pooja NaberrieEdit

Speak with Pooja Naberrie to complete the quest.

Next Quest: Go Speak with Hugo Eckner >>

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