Level: 29



Once you return to the RSF Mainframe, select:

  • Old Republic Droid Modules (then)
  • Update droid location (will complete quest - then)
  • Re-access the Mainframe (then)
  • Choose Update: All Droid Modules Acquired

This will complete the current quest and put you at the endgame of the Legacy quests. There are two versions, depending on who you are working for:

  • Head to Kaadara (4938 6693) and speak with Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel (Rebel version), or
  • Lieutenant Maximilian Vox (5140 6753) in Kadaara (Imperial Version)

You have the choice to hand over the Droid AI to your contact here, or keep it for yourself - either way, congratulations! You have completed the ORIGINAL Legacy Quest!

However, the Legacy continues.... (You must hand the droid AI over for the legacy to continue)Captain Panaka contacts you and says that CorSec needs some help. Go speak with Lt. Jasper in Coronet on Corellia

Next: Working for CorSec

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