This is the first of two quests that players need to complete to earn the badge of Kerritamba: Blood Hunter.

To be able to start this quest, you must first have completed all of the quests from the three villagers.
Speak to Ardon (-189, -125) in Kkowir Forest, Kashyyyk, to start this quest.

Level: 39


Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher

Ardon: Ah, yes. I have heard your name whispered on the low voices of the Kerritamba people. Let's do business.
PC: Wait a second. Who are you?
Ardon: (Ardon chuckles darkly.) I am Ardon Da'mora, servant of Chief Kerritamba. I handle... worldly affairs for him.
PC: What... worldly affairs?
Ardon: I have no doubt that you have heard of the Outcasts; the pitful insects of the world that thrive within the cave just beyond our sight. Together, you and I will rid the village of those meddlesome pests. I think--
PC: What if I don't want any part of this?
Ardon: (Ardon scoffs.) Then you'll be banished from the Kerritamba village and marked as a traitor.
PC: Fair enough. When do we start?
Ardon: Now. (Ardon smiles.) First, we want to send a message to the Outcasts that the Kerritamba mean business. You'll do this by bumping off 5 Outcast members. You'll find them in the dreaded Webweaver Cave just behind the waterfall. So, you Kerritamba, what do you say?
PC: I'll get right on it.
Ardon: Good. (Ardon smiles smuggly.) Now get to it.

Ardon Da'mora, a rather shady individual, needs you to send a 'message' to the Outcast community by defeating 5 Outcast members. Ardon mentioned a Webweaver cave near a waterfall.

This is fairly straightforward. Just head to the Webweaver Cave and defeat 5 Outcasts (CL 38 Elite). After defeating the Outcasts, you need to return to Ardon (-186, -126) in the Kerritamba Village.

Ardon: (Ardon arches a brow.) Back so soon? Tell me you haven't completed your task already.
PC: I have. Does that surprise you?
Ardon: (Ardon smirks.) I have underestimated you, is all. Nonetheless...I must brood over out next attack. Come back in a moment, won't you?"
PC: (You nod.)
Ardon: (Ardon returns to his thoughts.)

This completes this quest. If you talk to Ardon again, he gives you the Exemplar Zheus quest.

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