This article is about the hard limits that restrict the statistics of each game weapon. For information on capacitors used to power starship weapons, see Ship Capacitor.

Artisans and Weaponsmiths have hard caps on the stats of the weapons they craft, to prevent everyone from choosing just a few weapons as the best. Each category has an artifitial limit that can not be exceeded when experimenting. Caps listed on weapons pages are the best known to be achieved by a weaponsmith. The best may be highest or lowest, depending on the stat.

  • CAP: Damage—Highest number, including any looted or optional components.
  • CAP: Speed—Lowest number, indicating the shortest time between firing.
  • CAP: SAC -- Lowest number, indicating the smallest action/mind pool cost for each attack.

In general, Caps do not include temporary bonuses, such as buffs or weapon powerups, which could each make stats go beyond the cap for a short time.

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