Chapter 2.5: "The Talus Incident"

Publish Notes, August 22nd


  • Faction Chat: A character must belong to the corresponding faction in order to join a factional chat channel.
  • Profession Chat: Profession-specific chat channels have been created so you can keep in touch with players who play similar professions. These channels are now available for the 9 main professions, as well as Politician and Pilot.
You can find them in the chat channel listing by title: BountyHunter, Commando, Entertainer, ForceSensitive, Medic, Officer, Smuggler, Spy, Trader, Pilot, and Politician.
  • Players will no longer be able to assume chat moderation abilities in public chat channels.


  • Going to a prone position in combat can be dangerous. If you fire at an enemy NPC or creature while prone, they will show their alarm with a question mark above their heads (?). When the enemy target sees you and attacks, you will notice an exclamation point over their head (!).

Profession: SpyEdit

  • Reduced the cool-down timer for the spy special ability Vanish to 10 seconds.


  • Rage of the Wookiees: Athnalu's Cure: If you have this quest, you can now complete it. If you already have the quest and you are stuck, please delete the quest from your journal which will allow you to restart the quest. You can find Athnalu in the Kerritamba Village at -179, 31, -173.


  • The Rebel space station, "Freedom Station," in Deep Space can be attacked and destroyed.


  • The Instant Travel Vehicle can no longer be called in the Ryatt Trail.
  • When the time limit expires for completing Corellian Corvette quests, players will be ejected from the adventure zone.

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