Chapter 2.7: "The Talus Incident"

Publish Notes, September 6th


  • Loot drops on the Avatar Platform have been returned to their correct drop rate.

Profession: JediEdit

  • Skill conversions for Jedi who have not logged into the game since before publish 9 will convert correctly.
  • The Jedi special abilities Cho Mok, Jung Su Ma , Sai Cha, and Sun djem Jung Ma are now granted at the correct level.


  • Hero of Tatooine: Mark of Honor: The Pirate Leader will no longer continue to attack you after he becomes invulnerable.
  • Legacy Quests: EV-9D9 quests: If you have a quest given by EV-9D9 that won't complete and you have already completed all of the other quests, return to EV-9D9 and your quests will complete.
  • Hunting missions will now list the names and display pictures of the creatures available to be hunted.


  • Pilots can re-master pilot professions to earn their Ace Pilot status.
Note: Pilots who are working towards their Ace Pilot status should retire from their current pilot squadron and begin again in order to progress to Ace Pilot.
  • Imperial Pilots who have rejoined Storm Squadron can now complete their pilot mastery.

User InterfaceEdit

  • Attackable objects in the game now display a health meter. For example, vehicles and Restuss Antennae display a health meter when you target them.

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