Chapter 3.5 "Smugglers and Scoundrels"

Publish Notes, October 18th, 2006

New Customer Service InterfaceEdit

  • Clicking the "Help" button will now access a consolidated web-based interface for tracking issues and searching the Knowledge Base.

Galactic Civil WarEdit

  • Increased respawn times for NPC's in the Talus factional bunkers.


  • The harvesting radial menu on creatures has been restored. Anyone can now select to harvest meat, bone or hide from creature corpses.
  • Creatures will no longer randomly drop Bone, Meat or Hides.

Profession CounselorEdit

  • Fixed an issue with the Profession Counselor (respec NPC) that would prevent you from being able to respec your character.

Profession: SmugglerEdit

  • Fixed an issue that prevented turning in contraband to an NPC fence by double-clicking the NPC.

Profession: OfficerEdit

  • Sound will play for the Expertise ability Inspiration.


  • Prematurely ending the conversation with Kiki during the "Talk to Kiki" quest will no longer prevent you from receiving the next quest, "Finding a Weakness."
  • Legacy: When you complete the quest "Cover Your Tracks", your quest journal will be completed.
  • Trials of Obi-Wan: Lord Vartonis will award the Lava Skiff when you complete the quest.
  • Legacy: The mayor NPC on the "Tusken Infestation" quest will now complete the quest.
  • Legacy: The elevator in the Murmurs side quest, "Corporate Insecurities" will now access the lower level so the quest can be completed. The Corporate Insecurities (Part 1) is given by NPC brogan standing at waypoint (-32, -4417).
  • Legacy: The quest "Valarian Haul" will now properly update and complete once you find all five of the pallets.
If you have deleted the "Valarian Haul" quest you can now re-gain the quest by talking to Carh'la Bastra in Anchorhead, or Commander Barezz at the Imperial fort outside of Bestine.


  • The YT-1300 rendezvous on quest given by NPC Arnecio Ulvaw'op (Rebel pilot trainer) should happen so you can complete the quest.

User InterfaceEdit

  • GCW Rewards: The GCW rewards purchasing window will now remain open after buying flares or traps as it does after purchasing any of the other rewards.


  • If you try to use the /unstick command and the system cannot find a good location, you will be warped to Mos Eisley starport (/unstick will only work this way on the 10 core planets; not Kashyyyk or Mustafar).
  • Harvesting resources on Tansarii point station will produce the same kind of Tatooinian resource.

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