Chapter 3.8 "Smugglers and Scoundrels"

Publish Notes, November 8th, 2006

Galactic Civil WarEdit

  • There have been significant changes to the GCW points to Rank Progress formula.
The new formula uses diminishing returns from the start instead of at a pre-set limit. In a diminishing return formula, your first point is worth more than your last. Thus gaining 1000 GCW points in one week will yield less than 500 points in two consecutive weeks.
The Rank decay values for officers are consistent from week to week. The target GCW point values for each rank are in the following table. If you earn the target GCW points, you will suffer no decay. Any GCW points past these marks will be converted into progress. If you earn fewer than the target GCW points, you will suffer decay based on how many GCW points you are short of the target GCW points, up to a maximum of 40% rank loss.
7. 7500
8. 8200
9. 9000
10. 10200
11. 12000
12. 15000


  • You will no longer crash when dragging an item onto an invisible item in your inventory.
  • Clicking a factory without having a draft schematic ready will no longer result in non-stop system message spam.


  • Rebel factional armor can be equipped by Wookiees and will not have an appearance.


  • Players will no longer loose their instant travel vehicles in the world due to them not despawning after being called.

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