Chapter 4.2: "Armed and Ready for Action!"

Publish Notes, Friday, December 8th, 2006


  • Damage Over Time: Only 3 DOTs per player can be applied per player target (PvP only).
  • Abilities that use a % of action cost will now use the unmodified action total in all cases.


  • GCW: A tier 2 pilot destroying a tier 1 enemy in space will receive the correct number of GCW points now.

Profession: CommandoEdit

  • Expertise: Dueling does not increase the count on a Kill Meter.
  • Expertise: Shock Tracer and Energy Grenade DOT damage are now 75 per tick for level 1, 150 per tick for level 2, 225 per tick for level 3, and 300 per tick for level 4.
  • Heavy Weapon DOTs now do 25% of the maximum weapon damage instead of 12.5%.

Profession: SpyEdit

  • Expertise: Sneak, Smoke Bomb, and Without A Trace will not break when using the Venomous Ploy trap line B.
  • Expertise: The ability Sneak will no longer cancel auto attack when attempting to use it in combat.
  • Expertise: You should now be able to stealth while under the effect of smoke bomb after the stealth cool-down is finished.

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