Previous Quest: Find an Escaped Murderer

Level: 26


  • 9246 Quest XP
  • 11004 credits
  • Vita-Protein Injection (constitution buff)


You're on Hunnos Jarkey's trail. Follow the trail until you find the escaped murderer himself.

Defeat Muskeg RadicalsEdit

Find out what the Muskeg's want from Hunnos Jarkey. What is there connection to the escaped murderer?

Defeat 11 Muskeg Radicals (CL24) at (-5918 3939).

Defeat Muskeg FanaticsEdit

The Muskeg Gungans are proving to be tough to crack, but keep it and find out what they know about Hunnos Jarkey.

Defeat 9 Muskeg Fanatics (CL25) at (-5979 3880).

Defeat Muskeg ZealotsEdit

The Muskeg say nothing to you. They fight and die without revealing anything, but they can't keep it up. Continue your assault on them.

Defeat 11 Muskeg Zealots (CL25) at (-6080 3837), but DO NOT KILL Dubbin Sharr. If you do, you'll have to wait for him to respawn.

Defeat Dubbin Sharr, a Zealot Chief of the MuskegEdit

Dubbin Sharr is the local Zealot Chief of the Muskeg in the Theed area. He is your last chance to find out what the Muskeg want with Hunnos Jarkey.

Defeat Dubbin Sharr (CL25). Note: Attacking Dubbin will aggro 5 nightspiders (CL20).

Muskeg Response: You find a note on Chief Dubbin. From it you learn that the Muskeg wanted Hunnos Jarkey to assassinate members of the Naboo human government. Hunnos refused and went to hideout with the Skaak Tippers.

Defeat Skaak TippersEdit

Go to the Skaak Tipper compound and convince them to reveal what they know about where Hunnos is hiding.

Defeat 8 Skaak Tippers (CL24-26).

Skaak Tipper Response: Hunnos was only with the Skaak Tippers for a very short time. They think he went to the Mummers.

Defeat MummersEdit

Go to the Mummer bunker and find out what they know about Hunnos.

Defeat 7 Mummers (CL24-25).

This will lead you to the Mummers. Head to the Mummer Bunker (/wp -4526 3650), and Kill 7 Mummers (around CL25). This reveals that Hunnos went to hiding in a nearby ranch, and that you should report this back to Lt. Khartoor to complete the Quest.

Mummer Response: The Mummers revealed that Hunnos went to hide out on a ranch not far from Theed. He is still there. Report this back to Lieutenant Khartoor.

Report back to Lt. KhartoorEdit

Report back to Lt. Khartoor with what you've learned.

Talk to Lt. Khartoor to complete the mission.

Next Quest: Catch the Escaped Murderer

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