You can use these variables while chatting in any window, and they will properly display the appropriate information. NOTE: These do not currently work for Vendor Barking.

  • %TU - your full name (first and last)
  • %TT - your current look at target target's full name
  • %NU - your first name
  • %NT - your target's short version name (first only)
  • %SU - personal subjective pronoun: he/she/it for the speaker
  • %ST - he/she/it for the target
  • %OU - personal objective pronoun: him/her/it for the speaker
  • %OT - him/her/it for your target
  • %PU - possessive: his/her/its for the speaker
  • %PT - his/her/its for your target
  • %RU - your species
  • %RT - your target's species

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