Chilastra is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment.

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

A converted MOD-17 freighter named Chilastra was part of the small fleet which was hastily assembled to transport refugees off the planet Druckenwell. It was commanded by Captain Yesha Bergeron during the evacuation, and it was rumored that a Jedi Knight was hiding aboard the Chilastra. This rumor quickly reached the ears of Yuuzhan Vong Commander Malik Carr, who dispatched a commando team to capture the ship and its Jedi. A battle ensued between the freighter and a Yuuzhan Vong boarding party, which tried to capture the untrained but Force-sensitive Ka-Tu-Un. The Yuuzhan Vong managed to get aboard the freighter by traveling the shuttle Yorva-9. (Compiled by Agent001 and Garvin on SWG Forums)

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