Species: Wookiee

Chrilooc is located on the bridge in Kachirho next to the Starport. He sends you into space to steal some medical supplies from Gotal Bandits.

You need to disable the Gotal Bandit Ace. Then a droid is launched to take control of the ship. In the mean time, kill the 2 escort ships. Once the Ace is underway again, escort it to it's jump point. In the mean time there are about 5 waves of level 2 banits, 3 ships to each wave, that will try to stop you. Be careful, you escort is targetable, do not shoot him down. I only had to kill 2 ships before it told me that the mission was a success. You will recieve 2000 credits for completion of the mission.

Return to Chrilooc and he will send you to Kerssoc located in the Etyyy - Hunting Grounds (575;-637) and into the Arcona Compound, POI. There, you will have to talk to Johnson Smith.

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