Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

Start: Foreman Donko Jen

/way 446 -1173 Foreman Donko Jen (Mensix)

Level: 75

Part 1: Travel to the Mining Camp
/way -506 2355 Kubaza Beetle Infested Mining Camp 
Part 2: Destroy the Four Kubaza Beetle Nests - Outside the camp you will find 4 beetle lairs, use the radial menu to place charges. Destruction of a lair will spawn 5 Plains Kubaza Beetle Soldiers (CL 77)
/way -544 2383 Kubaza Beetle Lair #1;
/way -518 2401 Kubaza Beetle Lair #2;
/way -497 2395 Kubaza Beetle Lair #3;
/way -469 2381 Kubaza Beetle Lair #4;
Part 3: Clean up Any Remaining Kubaza Beetles -
Kill 5-6 Kubaza Soldier Beetles (CL80) around the area
Part 4: Return to Donko Jen

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