There are six total lessons over 21 total levels for the Commander:

  • Officer Mastery I -- Levels 70-73
    More potent artillery weaponry is now available for your command. Calling in a bombardment will destroy most lesser opponents.
  • Officer Mastery II -- Levels 74-77
    A new high explosive charge is now available for your requisition.
  • Officer Mastery III -- Levels 78-81
    Sniping tactics are very effective when stealth and a quick retreat are needed.
  • Officer Mastery IV -- Levels 82-85
    Your vast expertise has taught you to carefully maintain your reserves allowing you a second chance in situations where opponents may have though you were finished.
  • Officer Mastery V -- Levels 86-89
    You have achieved the authority to request support from orbital installations.
  • Master Officer -- Level 90
    You have perfected your sniping tactics and can hit targets with a precision others can only dream of.

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