Community CommandsEdit

/anon Set your character to anonymous for the purpose of searches.

/mood none Returns your default mood to neutral.

/roleplay Turns on and off the roleplay flag for your character.

/lfg Sets your character to "Looking for group" for purpose of searches.

/newbiehelper Sets your character to "Newbie Helper" for the purpose of searches.

/afk Toggles the AFK flag for your character.


/who Allows you to search for players. The following variations exist:

  • /who [faction] Lists players with the specified faction. If you are a member of the provided faction, the list will contain all members in the surrounding area. If you are not a member of the mentioned faction, the list will only show overt members of that faction.
  • /who [player character's first name] Lists a specific player-character.
  • /who [part of a name] Lists any player-characters who share the portion of the name you listed.
  • /who [species name] Lists all player-characters of a specific species in your area.
  • /who lfg Lists anyone looking to join a group. (You can set yourself to looking for group by typing /lfg)
  • /who helper Lists everyone who has identified themsleves as a Newbie helper. (you can list yourself as a helper by typing /newbiehelper)
  • /who [profession] Lists all player-characters in the area who are a member of that profession.

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