Containers store stuff. Simple enough. There are two types of containers:

  • Wearable
  • Non-wearable

Wearable ContainersEdit

Most Wearable Containers are Backpacks. They all store 50 or 65 items, and are equipped in the backpack or bandolier slot. Note that you can store items in an unequiped backpack and can drop them in your house for cheap, if inelegant, storage. Almost all backpacks can be renamed.

Non-wearable ContainersEdit

There are many varieties of Non-wearable Containers. Here are the currently known ones:

Note that to access the crafting station's container, or hopper, you must either select "Input Hopper" in the crafting process, or select "Open crafting station Hopper" from the corresponding tool's radial menu (it is a subchoice of "Start Crafting") Satchels and Cargo Pockets can be renamed, but Crafting stations must be named on creation. Unlocked containers are obtained when a Smuggler successfully slices Locked Containers

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