This is the Pre-Quest to the Exar Kun Heroic.


Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn

Controlling Spirit Part 1 Edit

Head to the Guild Hall of Aurilia on Dathomir and talk to the Corellia university teaching assistant /wp 5183 -4156 to start the quest.

Professor Cornelius WagglehornEdit

Then travel to Tyrena on Corellia to talk to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn /wp orange -5469 -2984

Researcher's DatapadEdit

Then travel to Talus (Imperial Outpost), where you head to the off-site Research Outpost at /wp talus -465 4440 offsite research;. There the quest updates for you to check the dead researcher and his datapad which will appear in your inventory.

Send a MessageEdit

After you power-up the datapad click on the communication terminal /wp -449 4434 to complete it.

Speak with Magnus GrenzEdit

Next, you will need to find Magnus Grenz (a Cultist Coadjutor) at /wp talus -1837 6609 magnus;. There, talk to Magnus to start the spawn of level 90 foes.

Kill all of the cultists until you get a quest advance.

Speak with Magnus Grenz AgainEdit

Then, you will talk to him again and he will immediately die. If you're in a group Magnus respawns within about 1 minute so don't worry about this wasting time.

Grenz's Data TerminalEdit

After killing his minions and finishing him off, head down into the bunker, kill the same enemies and click on the Data Terminal at the last level /wp talus -1822 6651 terminal;

Return to Professor WagglehornEdit

Then return to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn in Tyrena, Corellia.

Reward: 142005 quest XP

Controlling Spirit, Part 2 Edit

Travel to the Archeological Dig SiteEdit

Now with the first part of the quest done head to the Mining Outpost on Yavin IV from where you will need to head to the Archaeological Dig Site /wp 4846 5575.

Forget the foes at the site and go talk to the Rebel Trooper /wp 4927 5593. He will tell you that you need a Medallion of Exar Kun to get into the catacombs beneath the temple. Kill the cultists around the dig site until you to get the medallion. Once you have it return to Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn in Tyrena, Corellia.

With that done that's pretty much it - he will tell you to head to back to Aurilia and talk with the Corellia university teaching assistant again to finish the quest.

Reward: 142005 quest XP

Note: You now have access to the Exar Kun instance through the Aurilian travel consultant (Maximillian).

Quick Waypoint Reference Edit

/wp dathomir 5183 -4156 yellow Corellia University Teaching Assistant (Aurilia);
/wp corellia -5469 -2984 yellow Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn (Tyrena);
/wp talus -465 4440 yellow Off-site Research Outpost;
/wp talus -449 4434 yellow Communication Terminal;
/wp talus -1837 6609 yellow Magnus Grenz;
/wp talus -1822 6651 yellow Data Terminal;
/wp yavin4 4846 5575 yellow Archaeological Dig Site;
/wp yavin4 4927 5593 yellow Rebel Trooper